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Die besten Die besten Tauchtaschen in 2024 zu finden ist wichtig! Aber bei so vielen Modelle die ständig neu auf den Markt kommen, kann es chwer sein, die richtigen auszuwählen, besonders für Anfänger.

Deshalb haben wir SEHR VIELE davon getestet und bewertet, damit du eine gute Entscheidung treffen kannst, welche Die besten Tauchtaschen in 2024 du kaufen solltest.

Das sind die besten die besten tauchtaschen in 2024 in 2024 mit Vorschlägen für jedes Budget:

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Am Ende des Beitrags haben wir einen die besten tauchtaschen in 2024 Kaufratgeber hinzugefügt, der dir erklärt, worauf du vor dem Kauf achten musst, welche Typen es gibt und welche Vor- und Nachteile sie haben.

Die besten Die besten Tauchtaschen in 2024 in 2024 - Inhaltsverzeichnis
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Es gibt starke Optionen in allen Preisklassen, sodass du entweder eines der Top-Flagships wählen oder dich für ein solides Mittelklassemodell mit tollem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis entscheiden kannst. Wir haben auch Super-Budget-Versionen dabei, die für kleines Geld trotzdem gut funktionieren.

Die besten Die besten Tauchtaschen in 2024 2024

The best scuba gear won’t help you if you have no way to carry it to your next diving trip or can’t protect it while traveling.

Dive bags help you with that.

They protect your gear while traveling, hold all the essentials like regulators, wetsuit, fins, BCD, and replacement parts, and should be durable enough to last for a long time.

While some are meant for long-term storing and little moving around, others will make your dive travel and transportation much more comfortable and faster.

There are countless different dive bags on the market and finding the right one can be tough.

Here you can find the best dive bags for scuba divers in 2024 sorted by price range and features.

Scroll to the bottom to get a detailed buyer’s guide and things to look out for when buying a dive bag that’s meant to last.

The best dive bags in 2024

Here you can find the individual reviews for each of these dive bags.

Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack

Durable, cool design and so much space. This is the Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack in a nutshell.

Reasons to Buy

  • Enough space for scuba gear, travel stuff, and then some
  • Cool design in different colors
  • Very durable bag that can take some impact

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Will not hold two entire scuba kits on its own as advertised
  • Heavy for a dive bag
  • Unlike other competitors no shoulder straps

The Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack is made for those who absolutely, positively do not want to carry their scuba gear in their hands or back or anywhere besides in a rolling suitcase.

That’s why you won’t find any shoulder straps or even a number of handles on this dive bag. That’s a shame as this means no convenient way to carry it over sand or similar stretches.

In return, you get a super solid dive roller bag with a great design, enough space to almost hold two entire scuba kits on its own and that can definitely take a few hits.

While I am not suggesting throwing it around with your precious gear in it, a few bumps here and there or some rough handling at the airport will not bother this dive bag or its contents in the least.

Unfortunately, this durable design makes this dive bag very heavy in comparison to some others on the list.

For local divers, this is a non-issue, however, if you plan to travel with this bag, keep the weight in mind.

Verdict: 4.2

The Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack is among the best dive bags in 2024 and will be perfect as a heavy-duty dive bag.

TypeRoller Bag
Dimensions‎76 x 35 x 30 cm (14 x 29 x 19 inches)
Capacity115 L
Weight4.2 kg (‎9.3 lbs)
MaterialNylon Cordura
Handles1 top and 1 carry handles
Other Features

TUSA BA-301 Roller Mesh Bag

Big enough to hold a full set of scuba gear, yet more affordable than many other options of comparable size, there is a lot to like about this TUSA roller bag.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight but with wheels
  • Will fit an entire scuba kit
  • Affordable for such a large dive bag
  • Several practical handles

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Handle a little short
  • Tens to fall over when pulling too quickly
  • Top pouch on the small side

Although the TUSA Roller Mesh Bag carries „mesh bag“ in its name, it is a lot more sturdy and durable than comparable mesh bags out there.

The mesh itself has a plastic coating, making it a lot stiffer than others out there while also drying quicker.

There are not many mesh bags out there that also feature a set of wheels to be used as a roller bag so that’s two birds with one stone, so to speak. The handle is a little on the shorter side but will be fine for most people.

Like many larger dive bags, your scuba gear might shift inside if you pack it loosely, so make sure your camera and regulators are stored away safely.

Verdict: 4.0

The TUSA BA-0301 Roller Mesh Bag is a decent choice for a lightweight roller bag that will fit your entire scuba gear.

TypeRoller Bag / Mesh Bag
Dimensions‎76 x 35 x 30 cm (19.3 x 16.8 x 10.8 inches)
Capacity92 L
Weight2.5 kg (5 lbs)
Handles1 top and 2 side carry handles
Other Features

AquaLung Explorer II Roller Bag

The AquaLung Explorer II Roller Bag is big and tough enough to become your primary travel dive bag that features comfortable wheels and a lot of space.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very durable even on sharp or uneven terrain
  • Water resistant and dries quickly
  • A lot of space
  • Nice, long handle

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Tends to fall over
  • Wheels a little small

I use the Explorer II roller bag myself and it is big enough to hold all my scuba gear plug some small spare parts.

While it won’t fit a drysuit in addition to all the other things I put in it, it will be more than enough for most divers.

It’s pretty much completely waterproof which is nice when diving locally and loading up gear into the trunk afterward.

It has two side pockets for fins, however, I feel they are a little too small for larger full-rubber fins like the Apeks Rk3s.

Like many roller bags it suffers from „fall over“-itis when left unattended with a lot of gear in it. At least the material is thick enough that your camera and other expensive stuff is still protected.

Verdict: 4.6

The AquaLung Explorer II roller bag is a super nice option for a dive bag that has everything you need to carry around a full scuba kit.

TypeRoller Bag
Dimensions‎73 x 51 x 33 cm (‎30 x 14 x 9 inches)
Capacity108 L
Weight3kg (6.6 lbs)
Material‎Pvc, Aluminum
Handles1 pull handle, 1 top handle
Other Features

Cressi Moby 5

Gigantic, durable, timeless design…what’s not to like about the Cressi Moby 5?

Reasons to Buy

  • It’s huge!
  • Retractable handle to comfortably pull the dive bag
  • Durable enough for international travel
  • Space inside not obstructed

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • It’s really heavy

The first thing you will notice about this dive bag is: This thing is huge!

It will fit your entire scuba gear and then some. Even a drysuit.

The Moby 5 was clearly designed to be the only dive bag you need wherever you travel.

Two side pockets for your fins and additional ones on the front for small stuff that you might need.

This dive bag even features backpack straps to carry it on your back, however, please note that it’s not only super large but quite heavy.

I think if you can find this one at a good price (check it out below), this might be the last dive bag/suitcase you will need.

Verdict: 4.9

The Cressi Moby 5 is the best all-around dive bag for scuba divers and offers lots of space and can be used for a variety of things. Just make sure you get your hand on one when you see it, as they often sell out quickly.

TypeRoller Bag
Dimensions‎76 x 40 x 28 cm (‎30 x 15.75 x 11.25 inches)
Capacity115 liters (7,018 cu. inches)
Weight4.86 kg (10.7 lbs.)
Material300 & 400-Denier Nylon
Handles1 pull handle, 1 top handle, backpack straps
Other Features

AquaLung Explorer II Duffel Pack Dive Bag

The AquaLung Explorer II Duffel Pack is a really cool backpack-type dive bag that’s scuba divers that like to travel light. It’s also perfect as a boat bag.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good quality and high durability
  • Interesting, unique design
  • Super compact
  • Perfect as a boat bag
  • Back zipper pointed towards wearer, therefore preventing unnoticed opening of the bag

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • No crushing or padding to make it more comfortable
  • Side zippers not super sturdy
  • Too short for freediving fins

Duffels might not appear to be the perfect dive bag to protect and carry around your scuba treasures. However, the Explorer II duffel is built differently.

A lot of space, super light, and surprisingly durable, it makes for the perfect boat/backpack dive bag.

It won’t fit an entire coldwater diving set, but everything else will find a place in here. Even if you carry around long freediving fins, they can be attached to the back with the integrated fin straps.

What I really like from a safety standpoint is that the back zipper is located on the person’s back ( instead of outward). Therefore, to open the pack, you have to set it down and nobody can open it without you noticing.

Especially when traveling in crowded areas, this is a safety feature I can respect.

A drawback is the lack of padding or a hard plate on the back. This means you need to think about how you pack the dive bag and don’t make the mistake to put pointy or sharp pieces on top.

Trust me, you WILL feel it and it isn’t pleasant to feel a sharp underwater camera on your back.

Verdict: 4.4

The AquaLung Explorer II Duffel Pack dive bag is a pretty cool duffel for divers that comes at a price tag but will be worth it.

TypeDuffel Pack
Dimensions‎61 x 33 x 23 cm (‎29 x 12 x 14 inches)
Capacity46.2 liters (2,808 cu. inches)
Weight1.2kg (2.5 lbs)
MaterialPolyester & mesh
Handles1 pull handle, 1 top handle, back straps
Other Features

XS Scuba Scuba Voyager 60 Roller Duffel Bag

The XS Scuba Voyager 60 Roller Duffel Bag looks really fancy and valuable for a dive bag and will fit an entire scuba gear set for your next diving vacation.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great design
  • Pockets & pouches well thought out
  • Lots of handles
  • Extra cinch strap to prevent breaking the zipper

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Inside buckle could be stronger
  • Plastic instead of metal rings

The first thing you notice when unwrapping the Voyager 60 is that it looks nice. It’s the same feeling that I got when I upgraded from my old rusty hiking backpack to a higher-end Deuter one.

It makes you want to go diving with it. I think that’s a good thing.

The second aspect that immediately pops up is the number of different handles on this dive bag.

I mean…there is a handle on every side plus a telescoping one. Plus the shoulder straps to wear it like a backpack.

The inside is large and spacious and gives you plenty of space to pack your scuba gear. I maybe would’ve liked to see a stronger protective buckle as my suits are on the larger side.

I really like the extra cinch straps as this removes some pressure and strain from the outside zipper.

The extra pockets and pouches are well thought out and I don’t think there is anything I could criticize here.

The only thing I would like to see different are metal instead of plastic rings to attach extra gear to.

Verdict: 4.8

The XS Scuba Voyager 60 Roller Duffel Bag looks cool and does a great job of protecting your scuba gear while traveling.

TypeDuffel Pack
Dimensions‎74 x 41 x 33 cm (‎29 x 16 x 13 inches)
Capacity98.85 liters (6,032 cu. inches)
Weight3.9kg (8.7 lbs)
Material6-Different Polyester Fabrics in Varying Deniers & Textures
HandlesTelescoping Trolley Handle
Backpack Straps
4-Grab Handles
Other Features

Types of dive bags

There are four different types of dive bags you can buy for different purposes:

  • Roller bags
  • Backpack-style dive bags
  • Hard case dive bags
  • Mesh bag dive bags

Roller dive bags are similar to other travel bags and can be pulled using a handle and wheels.

Backpack-style dive bags are often smaller and only fit parts of your gear. At the same time, they are the most comfortable and versatile type of dive bag.

Hard case bags are usually used by technical divers who carry a lot of scuba gear, and replacement parts, and need to put their gear together before every dive using tools.

Mesh bags offer the least amount of protection and are generally only recommended for carrying soft parts of your scuba gear, and snorkeling equipment. They are a favorite among freedivers, though.

What to look out for when buying a dive bag

There are several things you should look out for when buying a dive bag. Whether you’re buying your first one or upgrading to a new model, it’s recommended to keep these in mind.


The size of your dive bag is arguably the most important aspect to consider.

It should be long and wide enough to fit your scuba fins, wetsuit, BCD, ABC set, and regulators, at the least.

Some dive bags feature separate outer pockets for fins, but if you use large sizes, they sometimes don’t fit.

If you dive in a drysuit, this will most likely not fit into a small dive bag so keep this in mind when buying.

Use my FREE scuba diving trip packing list to determine what your dive bag should fit before you buy one.


Some dive bags are waterproof, making them a viable option to carry wet scuba gear after the dive. Just don’t forget to take it out and dry it after the dive!

Pro tip: Take a large plastic bag with you to put the wet stuff in before packing it back into your dive bag. IKEA bags are perfect for that or larger trash bags.


The toughness of the material determines whether you can take it with you on diving trips or which equipment you want to put in.

The tougher the material, the more it can be used for expensive gear like regulators and cameras.

At the same time, tougher material usually means more weight which you should consider when packing for a dive trip.

Roller Bag vs Hand carry

Do you want to carry your dive bag on your back, in your hand, or roll behind you like a trolley?

The latter is more comfortable on flat ground, however, pretty useless on sand or steeper shores. Additionally, the handle makes the bag heavier.

Why buy a dive bag for scuba diving?

You spent a lot of money on buying good scuba gear and now you obviously want to make sure it’s kept safe.

While you can of course use a normal suitcase or bag, special dive bags have the advantage of being specifically made for scuba gear and traveling with it.

They are usually long enough to fit even your scuba or freediving fins, have sturdy zippers, and are often waterproof.

Although a dive bag is not an essential part of the scuba gear, I highly recommend you get one to make sure you can use your equipment for years to come.

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