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Are you shopping for new scuba gear in 2024 and don’t know where to get it?

In this post, I will show you my top picks of the best places to buy dive equipment in 2024 both online and offline.

I included options for US customers, as well as UK, and EU-based shoppers.

What to look out for when buying scuba gear (online)

We all love buying new scuba gear. Come on…admit it…I won’t tell anyone.

There is just something to the touch and feel and smell of new diving equipment just taken out of its wrapper.

Paket mit Tauchequipment zuhause
Oh…it’s so shiny! 🤩

But it’s even better if the equipment you bought is exactly what you wanted and the experience in getting it is positive. So let’s go through what you should look out for when buying scuba gear and where.

My three key performance indicators of every dive shop both online and offline are:

  • Quality (of equipment and experience)
  • Service (you receive)
  • Price (in regard to the two aforementioned aspects)


Quality always comes first, especially when buying life-critical pieces such as regulators, tanks, BCDs, and dive computers.

Check if the store you are buying from is offering quality dive equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Look for reviews online or ask your diving friends about their experience with both the shop and the gear they are selling.

Equipment should be intact when you receive it and include proof of certification by common norms like DIN, INT, EN, etc.

A good indicator of quality is also the website design or store interior. If it looks out of date or dirty, what does that tell you about their inventory?


Ask yourself: Are you receiving quality service and support from the dive store?

If yes, a higher price can be well justified as you receive much more than just the scuba gear itself.

For online dive stores, email support is a must, phone or live chat support set the good ones apart from the rest.

If they offer a good return policy and product-specific support, then you have found a good store.

When visiting an actual store, check if the salespeople appear knowledgeable and are able to offer different options depending on your budget and requirements.

Stay away from those who push the newest releases too hard or give generic tips like „this BCD is the best for advanced divers„, „regulator xyz is the best money can buy“ or my favorite one „all dive instructors use this„.


It goes without question, money doesn’t grow on palm trees and price does matter.

A good store will offer something for different budgets and needs.

Don’t pay for features you’ll never need

Best examples: Trimix functionality if you never plan to do technical diving, or Sidemount regulators, if you only do mono-tank dives.

Don’t pay for looks or „special feel

Ask yourself: Do you need the anniversary super-limited platinum edition of that dive computer or would the normal version do just fine?

A word of caution

If the price is too good to be true, it’s not true.

Simple as that. Quality comes at a price.

I am always surprised when people are only focused on the price and not willing to spend just a tiny bit more for quality equipment and good support.

Let’s take a regulator, for example…your life depends on this piece of equipment underwater.

Is it worth saving 50$ on an inferior product when a good one will most likely last for at least 10-15 years if serviced regularly?

Auswahl an Trockentauchanzügen in DRIS Online Shop
Good quality comes at a higher price tag.

I had a student who bought from one of the online shops I absolutely do not recommend buying from…I remember even telling them not to do it…

Long story short, they bought a BCD for an upcoming dive trip, saw it on that site for an incredible price well belong the market average…and it never arrived.

In the end, they bought the same piece of equipment off of me using express shipping at 2 in the morning…at a higher price than what it would have been if they had bought from a reputable store or me directly, in the first place.

This „cheap cheap cheap“ mentality is a very common occurrence in the scuba diving community and leads to a lack of innovation and quality issues.

I personally find it hard to understand, why people spend thousands of dollars on stuff like golf equipment but are not willing to put the same money into essential scuba gear.

Anyways, that’s a topic for another post.

Where to buy scuba gear

So where can you buy quality scuba gear? Check out my list of recommendations below:

Local Dive Store

The obvious first choice to buy quality scuba diving equipment in 2024 is (still) your friendly local dive store.

Not only do they offer you in-person tips, tricks, and help in finding the scuba gear that fits you best, you can also try it on right there.

Backplate wing BCD im Laden
Your local dive store carries a lot of scuba gear to try on.

I will not make a case about „you have to support your local store owners“, especially if there are none in your area or you don’t think you gain any value from it. However, if you have the option, it’s always worth a try.

Especially when looking for wetsuits or drysuits, boots, and other wearables, trying them on in a store is always the best approach.

Many local dive shops also allow you to test dive any equipment they sell, which I find is worth it by itself.

Many local dive stores also provide diving courses, go diving regularly and provide a dive community where you can find friends and new dive buddies.

Dive Right in Scuba

Dive Right in Scuba is one of the best places to buy scuba gear online, especially if you are from North America.

They feature a large collection of equipment, from snorkeling to recreational diving and even technical and cave diving equipment.

Dive Right in Scuba homepage.
Dive Right in Scuba is the best place to shop for scuba gear online.

What I like most about DRIS are their customer support and fast shipping. The latter is free for all orders over 75$ in the US, and over 500$ international.

In contrast to other online stores, these are very generous terms, especially if you are just looking for small replacement pieces.

They offer superb phone support and emails are usually answered quickly.

Prices generally are competitive and getting one of their listed packages will save you even more money.

However, they care more about quality than the lowest prices, so it might be more pricey than other options on the list. But you will definitely receive great quality and service at all times.

If you are not convinced by what I’m writing about them, you can also take a look at their 4.7-star rating at over 3,700 reviews on Trustpilot.

If you live in the Midwest, you might even want to consider driving out to one of their two Illinois-based stores to pick out your dive equipment in person.

Check out Dive Right in Scuba

Scuba.com (previously Leisure Pro)

Scuba.com is another popular online retailer for scuba gear and watersports in general. It’s often prominently featured due to its connection to PADI and its stock is large.

They used to go by the name Leisure Pro before buying the scuba.com domain.

Leisure Pro homepage
Scuba.com is another popular place to buy scuba gear online..

Their prices can compete with most others and you will definitely find what you are looking for. Their online reviews are not nearly as raging as those of Dive Right in Scuba, however, they have a very generous free shipping policy in place.

Please note that they are mainly focused on the US market, and as such don’t offer the best terms for international buyers.

Check out Scuba.com (no affiliate link)

Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba is a UK-based online store for everything scuba diving which has been acquired in 2020 by the Internet Fusion Group. In business for over 25 years, they have become increasingly popular due to their dedicated Youtube channel and a blog with valuable information.

Simply Scuba Black Friday

They mainly focus on UK and EU customers with competitive prices and free shipping over 50£.

If you are not from the Uk, keep an eye out for the conversion rate to € or $, as this can impact the final price significantly, especially on large orders.

They carry all major brands and you get great deals on UK-based manufacturers like Apeks (which you know, is my go-to for regulators).

Check out SimplyScuba (no affiliate link)

Sport EDER

Sport EDER is my go-to German online store for scuba diving equipment. Competitive pricing, a super large inventory, and very responsive owners make this one stand out to me.

Sport Eder homepage.
Sport EDER has a lot of dive gear and is very responsive to questions.

Naturally, they focus mostly on German and EU customers, however, offer shipping to dozens of other countries.

This might be a good option for everyone looking for European scuba gear brands not living in the US.

Check out Sport EDER (no affiliate link)


Ah…good ole Amazon. It isn’t my go-to for buying scuba diving gear mostly because the selection is (surprisingly) not as large as at the other options on the lust.

However, it does offer basically anything and everything else.

Amazon scuba gear Kategorie Seite
Amazon features a large collection of dive equipment and snorkeling gear.

From scuba diving books to ear care products for divers and annual Prime Day discounts on scuba gear, you’ll still find many things you want at competitive prices.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up here and receive free shipping and unlock their Prime Video library which features cool underwater documentaries and scuba movies!

Check out Amazon


eBay can be a good place to buy dive equipment replacement parts or used scuba gear.

eBay Tauchequipment Seite
eBay is a great place for surprise bargains and second-hand scuba gear.

I’ve used it for anything from replacement batteries for dive computers, SMBs, and scuba diving books to used fins and BCDs. Buyer protection is great so you’re always on the safe side.

I personally would not buy used regulators, suits, or boots from there, but anything else can be a great bargain.

Check out eBay

Social Diving

If you are looking for personalized recommendations, need equipment tips, or want someone to put together your equipment kit for you, Social Diving might be just what you needed!

Taucher am Riff mit Anker
One hour could save you 15% on…“ oh, you know what I mean.

Book a Scuba Tips session with me and let me answer all the questions you might have!

While we do not stock equipment ourselves, apart from some small items like boots, ABC sets, and accessories, we know dive equipment in and out.

Most importantly, we are not contractually tied to any specific manufacturer and can therefore order the equipment that does the job best.

I have personally tried out pretty much all the big brands and names in the industry, talked to the respective sales representatives, owners and managers, and know many of them personally.

In just one hour, you’ll definitely gain valuable insights and knowledge about the equipment you’re looking for, can ask as many questions as we can fit into the time slot, and save yourself hours and hours of researching, driving out to the store, and potentially buying twice.

If that sounds like a good deal, send me a message, and let’s talk! 😃

Best time to buy scuba diving gear

Unlike other sports, scuba diving is not really a seasonal activity and you’ll always find a place to dive.

Since most scuba divers are used to traveling long distances to pursue their favorite hobby, there is also always a demand for new dive gear.

Therefore, there are usually no big summer or winter sales at the big stores, like you might be used to from clothing, skiing, or hiking equipment.

Black Friday does offer an opportunity for some discounts, though.

On the other hand, this also means you can find great discount deals year-round at the various stores at different times.

What I’m saying is…the best time to buy scuba diving equipment…is probably now!


I hope you liked this list of the best places to buy scuba gear in 2024 both online and offline.

If you have made good or bad experiences with any of them or know of even better options, share them in the comments!

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