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What we offer

We cover every aspect of scuba diving online and offline. Find your diving adventure with us!

Dive Travel

Booking a cool dive trip can be stressful! So much to look out for and so many different operatorsā€¦

We take the hassle out of finding the right dive vacation for you so you can get excited even before the trip has started!

Scuba divers swimming through reef fish
Scuba diving instructor surfing his fins underwater

Dive Training

We offer diving courses and an online learning platform for everyone from beginner to professional.

Discover scuba diving, get your Open Water Diver certification or continue your training with specialty courses and seminars.

Find a Dive Guide

Want to go diving wherever you are? Need a guide or want some company?

Use the Social DivingĀ® app to find a local dive guide on the fly and make it happen!

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Scuba divers swimming over colorful reef

Online Resources

Become a better diver even if you aren’t in the water by reading our Scuba Tips blog.

We regularly post articles about diving, lifestyle, travel, freediving, equipment, science, and more.

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