Aufgrund der steigenden Energiepreise, Inflation und Einstellung von Equipment-Lieferungen durch viele Händler müssen wir unserern SDC restrukturieren. Daher können wir momentan keine neuen Mitglieder aufnehmen.
ABER, du kannst ganz normal weiter mit uns tauchen, auf Reisen und Tagestrips gehen oder einen Tauchkurs mit uns machen! 🙂

Melde dich bei uns wenn du mehr wissen willst oder auf die Warteliste für den neuen SDC möchtest!

Nobody likes to dive alone

Welcome to the Social Diving Club, your online and offline community for international scuba divers who want to dive with friends. We are a fun group that’s constantly growing and we think you should join us today! 

We welcome anyone who likes to dive with us, talk diving, and join us for fun dives, diving trips, and courses or on other social events online or offline. And don’t worry…you don’t have to show up to meetings or make cookies for the booster club! 😉

What We Do

We offer all divers a place to share ideas and discussions and live the diving lifestyle. We regularly go diving around the world and offer courses, seminars, and webinars just for our members!

  • Passionate members
  • Online & offline community
  • All languages welcome
  • Exclusive trips and evens
  • Forums & premium support
Scuba diver hovering over small wreck
Dive group underwater.

How You Can Benefit

It’s more fun to dive together!

Join us and always dive with friends! Connect to other divers online and nearby, get exclusive deals and discounts, and free online courses. If this is not enough to convince you, here are three more ways you can benefit from joining the Social Diving Club:

  • International diving community
  • Exclusive events & deals
  • Preferred booking for Social Diving trips
  • Premium support for courses
  • Free diving adventures

How To Join

Joining our community is 100% free!

Create an account, set up your profile, and join the discussion.

If you want to benefit from exclusive discounts and deals, receive free courses and dives, we offer several tiers of premium memberships. Of course, you can cancel at any time and there are no hidden fees ever.

Scuba diving instructor surfing his fins underwater

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