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With Social Diving, diving and traveling does not have to be expensive at all! This is our list of amazing scuba diving and travel deals so that you can save big time on the things you love.

We have negotiated with our partners and operators to get some exclusive coupons for scuba diving, cruises, liveaboards, travel, and scuba gear, and more. We hope you find them helpful and can save some real money.

Travel Deals

Our best travel deals for trip booking, hotels, excursions, and anything else you need during your next vacation!

Diving Deals

Want to go diving with the best? Here are some great deals from our partners for booking your next dive trip!


Save 25% on your next diving package or liveaboard with our exclusive Divebooker deal! Free DAN insurance included!

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Liveaboard Deals

Save up to $5,000 on your next liveaboard trip with our exclusive deals! No matter where you want to go, we got something for you.

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Scuba Gear Deals

Whether you're looking for a new dive computer, regulator, BCD, or a shiny pair of fins, with our scuba gear deals you can save up to 50% during your next equipment purchase!


Buy at a discount from the largest marketplace in the world. Use our link to get 30 days of Prime FREE!

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Save up to 30% on scuba gear, watersports, and travel equipment with our DiveInn deal. Get an additional 3% off with our exclusive coupon.

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eBay US

The best place to get a bargain on travel and scuba gear. With our eBay link you can get up to 25% discount on various products!

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Mosaik UW Cameras

Get your underwater camera equipment up to 50% off with our link! Mozaik has a large collection of UW cameras, housings, and more for your next dive.

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Travel Insurance Deals

It's always better to be safe than sorry! Good insurance is a must for travelers, scuba divers, surfers, and anyone else who loves to travel. And with our insurance deals and coupons, it won't even break the bank.

Other Deals

Here you can find all the other deals we negotiated with our partners, including ways to compensate your travel emissions, cool web design, and anything else we use ourselves.

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