Where to buy scuba gear in 2024

By Julius
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If you’re shopping for your next dive trip, you will inevitably want to know where to buy scuba gear in 2024.

There are plenty of options for every piece of equipment, from online shops to forums, and brick-and-mortar stores. In this post, we will show you our top picks of the best places to buy scuba gear in 2024 both online and offline!

We included options for divers in the US, the UK, and for EU-based shoppers. However, most places also ship internationally, no matter where you live.

Here are the best places to buy scuba gear in 2024:

We also added some more tips and tricks to buying scuba gear, which store is the right one for you, and the pros and cons of each.

Where to buy scuba gear in 2024

These are my recommendations on where to buy scuba gear online in 2024:


Best Overall
4.8 / 5

The largest scuba only shop in the world that’s got everything you could ever want.

  • Competitive prices
  • Mega large inventory
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Lots of product reviews by actual buyers
  • Great knowledge base & blog
  • They price match
  • Generous free shipping policy
  • English only
  • International shipping a bit pricey
  • Tech selection a bit limited
  • Not the fastest shipping
  • Store requires Javascript to be active (may cause trouble with some ad-blockers & cookie settings)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Scuba.com is one of the largest online retailers for scuba gear and watersports in general. It’s often prominently featured due to its connection to PADI.

They used to go by the name Leisure Pro before switching to the scuba.com domain. Their low prices are what most people like about them if you are willing to risk that some items aren’t in stock but still listed. However, they have a very generous free shipping policy in place.

Please note that they are mainly focused on the US market, and as such don’t offer the best terms for international buyers.

Scuba.com Quick Facts

TypeOnline Shop & Stores
Main MarketUSA
Free Shippingyes (above $100 domestic & on marked items)
SupportLive chat, phone, email, contact form, product questions
Good forScuba gear, snorkeling, water sports
InventoryLarge (but not always reliable)
Shipping timesMedium
Other FeaturesGreat blog & knowledge base

Dive Right in Scuba

Best Service
4.8 / 5

A great, personal scuba store with great customer service.

  • Good inventory
  • Competitive prices
  • Great personal support
  • Helpful live chat!
  • Fast shipping
  • Good package deals
  • English only
  • Website looks a bit outdated
  • Some products lack descriptions
  • Mainly scuba and tech diving

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Dive Right in Scuba (DRIS) is one of the best places to buy scuba gear online, especially if you are from North America.

They have everything in stock from snorkeling sets to scuba gear and even technical and cave diving equipment.

Customer support is top notch and they offer live chat, email, and phone support! Whenever I had a question, they were super quick to respond.

Prices generally are competitive and getting one of their listed packages will save you even more money.

Unlike others out there, DRIS is actually open and upfront when items aren’t in stock. So you’ll never wait endlessly on your order to arrive.

Dive Right in Scuba Quick Facts

TypeOnline Shop & Stores
Main MarketNorth America & Europe
Free Shippingyes (above $75 domestic & $500 international)
SupportLive chat, phone, email, contact form, product questions
Good forScuba gear, tech diving equipment, snorkeling
Shipping timesVery fast
Other Features

DiveInn (TradeInn)

DiveInn homepage

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

TradeInn is a Spanish company that runs several sports and outdoor shops from its large warehouse. Their DiveInn store is solely dedicated to scuba gear, snorkeling equipment, and everything else.

First off, they offer THE best prices of any scuba online store I have come across. No matter the item, you can be certain that TradeInn has it.

The main issue with them are the sometimes long shipping times it can take outside of Spain, and that they don’t send you regular updates about it when that happens. (most orders arrive on time though!)

If you can live with potentially waiting a little longer on your order, DiveInn by TradeInn is the cheapest scuba online store in Europe.

Reasons to Shop Here

  • THE Cheapest prices of all
  • Everything scuba diving related
  • Also other sports available on the same website (via TradeInn)
  • Live chat is great
  • Price match (restricted though)

Reasons to Avoid

  • Shipping times vary from super fast to very long
  • Customer service on delayed orders is poor
  • Search function should be improved
  • Product descriptions & features sometimes lacking
  • No free shipping

DiveInn Quick Facts

TypeOnline Shop
Main MarketEurope
Free ShippingNo
SupportLive chat, email
Good forAnything & everything
InventoryLarge (but not always reliable)
Shipping timesSlow – Medium
Other FeaturesDue to their multiple stores this is a one-stop-shop

House of Scuba

House of Scuba homepage

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

House of Scuba (HoS) is a well-known US-based scuba gear retailer that is mostly focused on the US and North American market.

Large equipment inventory, free domestic shipping over $50 and a smooth shopping experience make House of Scuba a good place to shop for scuba gear.

Their pricing is decent although sometimes this limits the sizing options.

If you live outside the USA, however, you might want to pick another option on this list.

Reasons to Shop Here

  • Smooth shopping experience
  • Super competitive prices
  • Large wetsuit & regulator selection
  • Price matching
  • Generous free shipping policy

Reasons to Avoid

  • Customers outside the USA might want to look elsewhere
  • Sometimes limited options

House of Scuba Quick Facts

TypeOnline Shop & Dive Center (San Diego)
Main MarketUSA
Free Shippingyes (above $50 domestic)
SupportLive chat, phone, email, contact form
Good forScuba gear, tech diving equipment, snorkeling
Shipping timesMedium
Other Features

Best scuba gear consultation & ordering service

If you want the absolute best customer service, and help with not only a specific item but your scuba gear setup as a whole, why don’t you give us a try?

Social Diving

Happy scuba diver underwater

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 😁

We have been around since 2018 and in 2020 started our custom ordering service for scuba gear.

We don’t stock items and instead help you to find the perfect scuba gear setup that not only fits but makes sense for your style of diving.

No matter where you are from, how many dives you have done, or what you are looking for, we will find the best setup for you in just hours or days.

If that sounds like a good deal, send me a message, and let’s talk!

Reasons to Shop Here

  • Personalized customer support
  • 1-on-1 consultation
  • Completely unbiased
  • Generous free shipping policy

Reasons to Avoid

  • If you know 100% what you’re looking for
  • If you only care for the lowest price instead of best fit

Social Diving Quick Facts

TypeVarious consultation & ordering services
Main MarketWorldwide
Free ShippingDepends on your location
SupportVideo chat, messenger chat, phone, email, in person
Good forAnything scuba gear & snorkeling related
InventoryWe will find anything for you
Shipping timesDepends on your setup & chosen store
Other Features1-on-1 consultation service & ordering

Best shopping platforms for buying scuba gear

Besides dedicated scuba stores, you can also find lots of scuba and snorkeling gear on large shopping platforms.


Amazon scuba gear category page

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Ah…good ole Amazon. It isn’t my go-to for buying scuba gear mostly because the selection is (surprisingly) not as large as at the other options on the lust. However, it does offer basically anything and everything else.

If you are looking for scuba diving books, underwater cameras, ear care products for divers, and gifts, Amazon blows the competition out of the water.

Hyper-competitive prices, the fastest and most convenient shipping ever, and the sheer amount of items you can find, Amazon is one of the best places to shop for diving gear online.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up to receive free shipping and unlock their Prime Video library which features cool underwater documentaries and scuba movies!

Reasons to Shop Here

  • It’s Amazon…you know why you shop here
  • Ultra-fast shipping
  • THE best return policy
  • Great for electronics & underwater cameras
  • Prime service comes with free movies and free shipping

Reasons to Avoid

  • Selection not as large on high-value scuba gear
  • Only certain brands
  • Many cheap, low-value items

Amazon Quick Facts

Main MarketWorldwide
Free ShippingYes (for Prime members)
Good forEverything
InventoryMega large
Shipping times1-day delivery options
Other FeaturesAmazon prime comes with lots of cool scuba diving movies


eBay scuba gear category

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

eBay can be a good place to buy dive equipment replacement parts or used scuba gear at a bargain price.

I’ve used it for anything from replacement batteries for dive computers, SMBs, and scuba diving books to used fins and BCDs. Buyer protection is great so you’re always on the safe side.

I personally would not buy used regulators, suits, or boots from there, but anything else can be a great bargain!

Reasons to Shop Here

  • Best for bargains
  • Great buyer protection
  • You can find anything here
  • Great for electronics & underwater cameras

Reasons to Avoid

  • No quality assurance on used scuba gear
  • Shipping varies
  • Don’t buy used neoprene wear

Amazon Quick Facts

Main MarketWorldwide
Free ShippingDepends on seller
Good forBargains
Shipping timesDepends on seller
Other FeaturesThe best place to buy used scuba gear online

Where to buy scuba gear in person

Some people prefer to buy their scuba gear in person and if you have the options near you that’s a great approach. Here are my suggestions for buying diving equipment in person:

Local Dive Store

Backplate wing BCD at shop

Rating: depends on the store

The obvious first choice to buy quality dive equipment in person is your friendly local dive store.

Not only do they offer you in-person tips, tricks, and help in finding the scuba gear that fits you best, but you can also try it on right there. Some even offer test diving with new equipment.

Many local dive stores also provide diving courses, go diving regularly, and provide a diving community where you can find friends and new dive buddies.

Reasons to Shop Here

  • In-person support
  • Sometimes free test dives
  • Support of your local dive community
  • You can try on the gear yourself

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some dive shops push their favorite products too hard
  • Quality depends on the store
  • Can be tough to find a dive store if you live in rural areas

Local Dive Stores Quick Facts

Good forTesting equipment before buying
Other FeaturesPossibility to meet new divers

What to look out for when buying scuba gear (online)

We all love buying new scuba gear. Come on…admit it…I won’t tell anyone.

There is just something to the touch and feel and smell of new diving equipment just taken out of its wrapper.

Scuba diving package arrived at home
Oh…it’s so shiny! 🤩

But it’s even better if the equipment you bought is exactly what you wanted and the experience of getting it is positive. So let’s go through what you should look out for when buying scuba gear and where.

My three key performance indicators of every dive shop both online and offline are:

  • Quality (of equipment and experience)
  • Service (you receive)
  • Price (in regard to the two aforementioned aspects)


Quality always comes first, especially when buying life-critical pieces such as regulators, tanks, BCDs, and dive computers.

Check if the store you are buying from is offering quality dive equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Look for reviews online or ask your diving friends about their experience with both the shop and the gear they are selling.

Equipment should be intact when you receive it and include proof of certification by common norms like DIN, INT, EN, etc.

A good indicator of quality is also the website design or store interior. If it looks out of date or dirty, what does that tell you about their inventory?


Ask yourself: Are you receiving quality service and support from the dive store?

If yes, a higher price can be well justified as you receive much more than just the scuba gear itself.

For online dive stores, email support is a must, phone or live chat support sets the good ones apart from the rest.

If they offer a good return policy and product-specific support, then you have found a good store.

When visiting an actual store, check if the salespeople appear knowledgeable and are able to offer different options depending on your budget and requirements.

Stay away from those who push the newest releases too hard or give generic tips like “this BCD is the best for advanced divers“, “regulator xyz is the best money can buy” or my favorite one “all dive instructors use this“.


It goes without question, money doesn’t grow on palm trees and price does matter.

A good store will offer something for different budgets and needs.

Don’t pay for features you’ll never need

Best examples: Trimix functionality if you never plan to do technical diving or Sidemount regulators, if you only do mono-tank dives.

Don’t pay for looks or a “special feel

Ask yourself: Do you need the anniversary super-limited platinum edition of that dive computer or would the normal version do just fine?

A word of caution

If the price is too good to be true, it’s not true.

Simple as that. Quality comes at a price.

I am always surprised when people are only focused on the price and not willing to spend just a tiny bit more for quality equipment and good support.

Let’s take a regulator, for example…your life depends on this piece of equipment underwater.

Is it worth saving $50 on an inferior product when a good one will most likely last for at least 10-15 years if serviced regularly?

A good drysuit, for example, can last forever if you buy a quality one.

Selection of drysuits in DRIS web shop
Good quality comes at a higher price tag.

I had a student who bought from one of the online shops I absolutely do not recommend buying from…I remember even telling them not to do it…

Long story short, they bought a BCD for an upcoming dive trip, saw it on that site for an incredible price well below the market average…and it never arrived.

In the end, they bought the same piece of equipment from me using express shipping at 2 in the morning…at a higher price than what it would have been if they had bought from a reputable store or me directly, in the first place.

This “cheap cheap cheap” mentality is a very common occurrence in the scuba diving community and leads to a lack of innovation and quality issues.

I personally find it hard to understand, why people spend thousands of dollars on stuff like golf equipment but are not willing to put the same money into essential scuba gear.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another post.

Best time to buy scuba diving gear

Unlike other sports, scuba diving is not really a seasonal activity and you’ll always find a place to dive.

Since most scuba divers are used to traveling long distances to pursue their favorite hobby, there is also always a demand for new dive gear.

Therefore, there are usually no big summer or winter sales at the big stores, like you might be used to for clothing, skiing, or hiking equipment.

Black Friday does offer an opportunity for some discounts, though.

On the other hand, this also means you can find great discount deals year-round at various stores at different times.

What I’m saying is…the best time to buy scuba diving equipment…is probably now!


I hope you liked this list of the best places to buy scuba gear in 2024 both online and offline.

If you have had good or bad experiences with any of them or know of even better options, share them in the comments!

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Always dive with friends and happy bubbles. 😃



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