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We are always happy to work together with others to bring our clients, readers, and members the best possible content. Social Diving works together with dive equipment manufacturers, dive resorts, boat owners, travel operators, writers, and many others.

We are passionate about diving, traveling, and exploring!

Hey there and thank you for checking out the business section of Social Diving! We are always interested in partnering up with companies, manufacturers, tour operators, and the likes to bring more quality content to our readers. On this page, you will find what we offer to our readers, our business partners, and anyone else interested in working together with us.

What we do

Our mission is to offer the best online resources for scuba diving in order to promote safe and joyful diving practices that protect our underwater ecosystems! For you. With You. All about you.

This website is dedicated to offering tips, tricks, advice, and suggestions to scuba divers of all skill levels. Both novices and experienced divers can gain knowledge from these pages and our articles and guides. We test and try out a lot of equipment throughout the year and share this experience on this site.

Through social media, our readers can connect with us and share their thoughts and opinions on our articles or on equipment they purchased through us or third parties.

We send out an email newsletter to keep subscribers updated on the newest contributions to the site. In the future, there is a YouTube channel planned in which we can interact with our community even further.

What we offer

We offer a number of benefits and opportunities to our business partners. Most importantly, we can increase your exposure and generate traffic to your own website by linking to it in our articles.

If you handle business directly on your site, we can generate sales by linking to the corresponding shop or subscription pages directly.

Through affiliate marketing, we can give our readers the opportunity to purchase a product through you or one of your sales channels on third-party platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba.

If you are a tour operator we are happy to visit you and review our experience for our readers. If you like your online booking tool on our site, our readers can choose to book a stay or trip with you through us directly.

To manufacturers, we offer the opportunity to review new and established products to boost exposure and potentially sales. This way you can show off your products to more people and potentially new customer groups you did not reach before.

What we want

First off, we decide case by case who we work together with and take the liberty to refuse offers at our own discretion. In our opinion, every partnership needs to be mutually beneficial for both parties. However, the exact manner of how this is achieved or ensured may vary.

The easiest way for a partnership is through paid advertisements in the form of banners, ads, or sponsorships. These must always be appropriate to our readership and not contain any fraudulent or malicious sites or services. For manufacturers, store owners, and other companies, we like to get involved in affiliate programs.

Since we are all about diving, we do enjoy reviewing boats, tours and diving resorts, and anything travel-related. If you want to promote your resort or boat on our page we are happy to visit you and check it out firsthand.

At Social Diving we value integrity, honesty, and safety high above anything else. We will never engage in illegal or fraudulent activities and will not endorse them on this site either. Inappropriate offers and inquiries will be ignored or reported to the authorities if necessary.

What we won’t do

To us, data security matters! This means that although we do collect email addresses, these are given to us freely and without the use of any extra software. Any names or other personal details of our readers that we might receive on their free will, e.g. through purchases in our shop or similar, will never be shared with anyone.

We do not respond to inquiries to purchase data directly unless the individual has given prior, explicit consent that we may share his or her address or details with one of our reputable partners.

We will never forge a review or give a false grading to a product or service in exchange for payments. Sponsoring a product review will help us expose your product to a broader audience, however, the rating is at our discretion.

Work with us!

If you wish to work together with us not only online but also in and out of the water, check out other sites that are connected to us such as our own luxury scuba travel agency called Premium Diving.

We offer diving courses, personal dive training, and diving trips all around the world. If you like to work together with us, check out these sites and get in contact with us!

If you are interested in cooperating and working together with us, get in contact with us to discuss details!

+49 – 177 6998853

Samples & Test Products

We are always happy to receive samples of products for testing and reviewing.

If you have a product you want us to consider for a review, please contact us below!

Please note that sending us a product does not guarantee a positive review.

All reviews are our honest opinion and will be written as such.

Since it has happened in the past (unfortunately):

If you send us products from overseas, we will NOT cover import charges or customs.

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