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Our mission is to offer the best online resources for scuba diving in order to promote safe and joyful diving practices that protect our underwater ecosystems!

Our goals

What we do

Passionate divers who like to share their experiences with others.
For you. With You. All about you.

A word from the owner

Social Diving Gründer Julius Launhardt in Trockentauchanzug in Starnberger See

“Take Pictures, Leave only Bubbles, Keep the Memories.”

Hey there and thank you for checking out Social Diving! My name is Julius and I am a certified i.a.c. Master Instructor, as well as CMAS 2* Instructor from Germany. 

How it started

I started this platform in 2018 as my own dive school in Munich, teaching recreational and technical scuba diving to my students. It has now grown into an avid international community of young (and old) social scuba divers from all around the world.

Attached to this diving platform is the luxury scuba travel agency called Premium Diving. Feel free to check it out and let us make your next dive vacation extra special! 😉

What has changed

I decided to turn Social Diving into something bigger after looking online for articles and information related to diving. The goal was to find reliable resources that I could send to my students to read up on topics they asked me about outside of courses. 

Questions like “what is the best dive computer?“, “Should I get the Open Water Diver or CMAS certification?” or “Can I use this regulator in cold water?” kept coming up over and over. 

Made for you

My wish was to point everyone to reliable sources where they could inform themselves. That is not to say that I wouldn’t give them my own opinion, however, I think to make an educated decision, one must do some research on their own first. 

Not only in terms of equipment but also when it comes to tips for dive travel or how to become a better diver.

In most cases, the sources I found online were not what I was looking for. Either the tips and recommendations came from people outside of the industry were driven more by profit than by content or the info was not specific enough.

Scuba diver with whale shark

What we do

As our name suggests, we are all about scuba diving in a social manner, whether recreational or technical. We do it all, from reefs in Egypt to wrecks in Malta, sharks on Palau, and even split fins…well…maybe not that. 

Besides our recreational diving, we also cover Sidemount, as well as cave and tech diving and even freediving. All these areas require more specific resources and there is no “One fits all” answer. For example, it makes no sense to put a beginner computer into a comparison chart for tech-diving computers.

Therefore, we make sure to research all the articles and posts very well and consult experts in the field. As a certified instructor, I hold myself to the highest standards both in teaching diving students, as well as creating content. The same holds true for our guest writers that contribute to our site.

Make it your own

Now I hope you enjoy browsing all the articles and resources on Social Diving and maybe learn a thing or two. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message on Facebook or Instagram, as we are growing our community there that is happy to answer.

And don’t forget…we only have this one Earth and Ocean. Protect them and make sure to be a good diver in, on, and out of the water!

Julius Launhardt, March 2022

10 reasons to trust us

Scuba diving instructor surfing his fins underwater

1 We are super relaxed

No stress with fixed course dates, we arrange our course planning together with you. Even last-minute inquiries are not an issue.

2 Diving everywhere

We go diving at a lot of different spots, both at the sea, mountain lakes, and indoor dive centers.

Scuba divers swimming along reef wall

3 Premium Quality

Only the newest equipment, the best scuba diving training, and the coolest travel destinations.

Scuba gear lined up on boat

4 Safety First!

Our rental equipment is always in the best condition and regularly serviced. Also, with us, there will NEVER be an instructor in the water with too many students at a time.

5 No hidden fees!

We are fully transparent about our pricing and you won’t find hidden fees with us.

Hands holding dollar bills

6 We test all scuba gear ourselves!

Course topic with handwritten notes

7 Learn at your pace

We won’t throw you to the sharks and don’t expect Olympic gold-medal-worthy abilities. Learn at your pace and use our online learning platform!

8 DIN, ISO & EUF certified

We certify by the standards of the i.a.c. and CMAS, two of the largest and most renowned diving federations in the world. All our courses are DIN, ISO, as well as EUF certified. Every year.

Open Water Diver card

9 We travel a lot!

10 Social Diving Network

Of course, Social Diving is present on all important Social Networks. This way you are always informed and up-to-date on upcoming diving trips, fun dives, and diving courses!

Oh, and we also have our own Social Diving Community!

Who we are

  • We’re a community of like-minded and active divers and friends around the world.
  • We offer everything from scuba diving courses to dive travel, fun diving events, and online articles.
  • Our staff of seasoned, skilled, and motivated instructors and dive leaders will be there for you to make sure you get the best training available.
  • We have multiple locations and offer diving to everyone interested in different environments around the world.

Why you should join

  • Social Diving is an international community and online platform for social scuba divers
  • All our articles are well researched and written with care. You won’t find copy and paste item descriptions or single source claims. Our training resources are supported by research and dive instructors and our science articles are…well… backed by science. This way we ensure to bring you quality content that you can trust.
  • We test everything we review ourselves! Too many sites claim to review items but instead copy product texts from others. Our reviews are always honest. We do not promote anything that we would not use ourselves and if we do not like something, you will read about it.
  • All of us are active divers. We know how you feel and understand any issues you might have, because trust us, we have probably had them, too.

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