We take care of your equipment!

We take care of any service your scuba equipment requires such as regulator servicing, BCDs, wetsuits, and whatever else you might need.

Diving computers, drysuit, or cylinder service, just bring us your gear.

Contact us and tell us what you need.

We don’t do all the servicing ourselves and instead work with a number of partners to make sure we can offer you the best quality and service.

Regulator Servicing
1. Stage2. Stage
Service Priceplus service-kit€39€30
Service Kit**depends on manufacturer€35€20

Set Price: starting at €169

Poseidon MK VI / se7en Discovery-Revision
Service Priceincl. service kit and 2x O2-sensors€655
BCD Service
Service Priceexcl. service kit, plus working time€35
Computer Service
Service Priceexcl. service kit, incl. pressure testing€16
Service-Kit**extra charges in case computer needs to be sent to the manufacturer€21
Drysuit Service
Service Priceincl. service kit€35
Cuffs LatexPer pair, incl. installation€59
Neck Seal Latexincl. installation€59
Gloves InstallationPer pair€19

Usually, servicing and inspection take about 7 working days. We will notify you when you can pick up your equipment from us. We will let you know BEFORE extra charges occur, such as a more expensive service kit or sending gear to the manufacturer.

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