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Social Diving is based in Germany and operates online and offline worldwide. These legal pages are provided in English as a courtesy to our clients, visitors, readers, and partners. In the case of conflicting clauses, the German version takes precedence over any translations.

Made by divers for divers

From the creator of this site to every author that contributes to Social Diving, all of us are active divers, explorers, travelers, and sports enthusiasts. We know how you feel and understand any issues you might have because trust us…we have probably had them, too.

We want to be transparent about what we do and how we earn money.

Unfortunately, there are many people and organizations on the internet that do not wish well on others. Please read these disclaimers carefully.

Diving Disclaimer

Diving is a lot of fun! However, it is also considered an extreme sport. Before you go diving, make sure you are fit and able and have read our diving terms! There, you can find our diving-specific disclaimer and terms of service.

A few things though: We expect a sufficient certification level and experience from every diver before taking part in any scuba diving-related activities.

We reserve the right to require a check-dive from every diver we don’t know yet or those who only have a small number of logged dives.

This is not a way to be mean to you (!) but we feel it is important that everyone who goes diving with us can do so without pressure or fear. You, and anyone who comes along.

Prices Disclaimer

Diving activities are often a form of exploration and require planning, logistics, materials and sometimes changing plans. As such, we cannot guarantee that prices stated on our site reflect those we give you upon excursion start or inquiry.

In case there is an obvious mistake on our part we will cancel your order or purchase. If you want to be on the safe side, contact us and inquire about any potential changes to our pricing.

Honest recommendations

First off: We test or use everything we review ourselves! We know far too many sites out there that claim to review items but instead copy product texts off of the manufacturer sites. Our reviews are also always honest.

While free product samples help us finance this site, we will NEVER sell a rating. We do not promote anything that we would not use ourselves and if we do not like something, you will read about it.

Affiliate Disclosure

Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for more info:

Affiliate Disclosure

Insurance & Financial Services

On this site, you may find links to our partners for insurance, as well as legal, financial, and medical services. While we recommend to you only the -in our opinion- best services, we are not liable for your contract with them.

In no way do we provide a medical, legal, or financial service ourselves so please consult with a certified professional when in doubt.

Your Social Diving Team

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