Aqualung Plazma Review 2023

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Aqualung Plazma review

The AquaLung Plazma scuba mask stands out with great design and a frameless build that many people will enjoy.

This makes the mask really comfortable to wear and gives you a much better field of vision.

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"With the AquaLung Plazma scuba mask, you will always be a strong contender for the best-dressed diver on any dive boat."

Rating: 4 / 5.0

Reasons to buy

  • Great for small heads
  • Frameless
  • Lightweight

Reasons to avoid

  • Some quality issues reported

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Our Aqualung Plazma review

Below you find everything you need to know about the Aqualung Plazma, its features, specs and what we like, and don't like about it.

The Aqualung Plazma dive mask is a frameless (!) scuba mask and I like it for its light weight, as well as super comfortable fit, and great design.

I used to recommend almost all AquaLung offerings for scuba gear until the overall quality started declining. I am happy to say the Aqualung Plazma dive mask is a true exception to this and I like it very much.

And it looks really really nice!

It will fit on pretty much any head, both adults and children, so it also makes for a great birthday present for aspiring Junior Open Water Divers.

Frameless masks will give you a bigger field of vision than those that feature thicker frames. This means you can see more, while the overall mask volume has been kept lower.

In comparison to contenders like the Mares X-Vision, the Plazma mask is much smaller and lighter and thus better for traveling.


The AquaLung Plazma mask is a great affordable scuba mask by a reputable brand that shines with a big field of vision and a frameless design.

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