ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit Review 2023

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ScubaPro Synergy 2 Trufit review

Already know the ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit is for you?

In that case, click on one of the links below for the latest prices. If you are undecided still, read the rest of the review to find out if the ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit is what you're looking for!

"Say goodbye to water leaking into your mask with the ScubaPro Synergy 2"

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Reasons to buy

  • Very durable
  • Good fit
  • Very tight sealing
  • Mirror lenses

Reasons to avoid

  • No prescription option
  • Sometimes too tight for bigger heads

Where to buy

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Trufit
MSRP: €189

Our ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit review

Below you find everything you need to know about the ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit, its features, specs and what we like, and don't like about it.

The ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit dive mask is my recommendation if you are looking for an outstanding scuba mask that will last you for years to come.

ScubaPro makes great gear and their masks are well-regarded as some of the best ones.

The ScubaPro Synergy 2 TruFit will seal your face perfectly, making blowing out your mask underwater almost an unheard occurrence.

Scuba diver in ScubaPro gear underwater

It is not as cheap as the Mares X-Vision, however, it gives you a truly unique experience.

It looks suuuuuuper cool and I especially love the mirror lenses that come with it.

The mask is available in 11 colors (you know already that my favorite is the black one) and a large number of dive professionals and recreational divers swear by it.


If you want a great mask that will last you for many years, the Synergy 2 TruFit is your pick!

Where to buy

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Trufit
MSRP: €189

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