Black Friday scuba deals

By Julius
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Simply Scuba Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here, so I compiled a list of the best Black Friday deals for scuba divers!

I will update the list as the weekend progresses and add more cool deals that I find.

Black Friday is a great opportunity for everyone to save money on scuba diving equipment, diving courses, scuba travel, and more!

The best Black Friday deals for scuba divers

Amazon Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday homepage

Amazon is running its annual Black Friday promotions. Besides Prime Day, now is the best time to shop here for anything scuba diving.

This includes scuba diving equipment, accessories, cameras, dive computers, and really anything you can think of.

Check it out here:

Amazon Black Friday scuba deals

Dive Right in Scuba Black Friday

Dive Right in Scuba Black Friday

Dive Right in Scuba (DRIS) is one of the best scuba diving online shops in the world with competitive prices, great support, and -obviously- great Black Friday scuba diving deals. You find them here:

Dive Right in Scuba Black Friday scuba deals

Atlantis Berlin Cyber Weekend

Atlantis Berlin Black Friday weekend

Atlantis Berlin, one of the largest scuba diving stores in Germany, offers some great discounts on a bunch of scuba diving equipment.

Go check them out here (no affiliate link):

Atlantis Berlin Cyber Weekend

Simply Scuba Black Friday

Simply Scuba Black Friday

Simply Scuba is a great option for buying scuba diving gear in the UK on Black Friday.

Go check them out here (no affiliate link):

Simply Scuba Black Friday

Affinity Photo Black Friday

Affinity Photo Black Friday

Affinity Photo is a super affordable Photoshop alternative to process all your underwater photos and make them look super pretty.

They run their annual 30% off the purchase price promotion! Don’t miss it.

I use it all the time and think it’s an absolute beast of software. It’s available for Mac, PC, and tablets.

Go check them out here (no affiliate link):

Affinity Photo Black Friday Deal

Social Diving Black Friday

If you enjoy this blog, all my scuba tips, reviews, guides and more, check out some of our exclusive Social Diving Deals we offer together with our partners.

You can find them here:

Social Diving Black Friday Deals

More Black Friday scuba deals

I cannot possibly list all the available Black Friday scuba deals on this site. However, you can find them on your own, as well.

My suggestions:


Most airlines give out discounts on Black Friday of up to 30% on plane tickets.


If you are looking for a liveaboard safari, many operators have great offers today. This includes some of the really big names, as well as smaller local ones.

Dive Resorts

Some dive resorts give you extra discounts today. You will have to do some searching first, though, but if you are already familiar with a few it might be worth checking out.

Tools & Tech

Just like Affinity Photo, you’ll find plenty of other cool tech and tools for underwater photographers, professional divers, and fun divers around the web.

More diving shops

Check out my list of the best places to buy scuba diving equipment for some more suggestions on who might be running some cool deals today!

10 Tips on Black Friday deals for scuba divers

Before you go and buy a bunch of stuff, here are some tips to save you (and your wallet) some bad surprises:

  1. Only buy what you will definitely use
  2. Check the deal terms first
  3. Don’t buy on borrowed money
  4. Don’t just buy for the price, keep quality in mind
  5. If the offer is too good to be true…it probably isn’t
  6. Make sure the seller is reputable
  7. Take advantage of the money-back guarantee
  8. When booking scuba travel, keep in mind transportation costs
  9. Watch out for hidden charges!
  10. Enjoy hunting for scuba deals, don’t make it a burden!

It’s important to keep in mind that good deals come and go. Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy scuba diving equipment cheaper than usual, however, don’t buy anything you don’t really need.

At the same time, do take advantage of good offers if you come across them. Black Friday is the best time of the year to buy scuba diving-related things.

While Black Friday is known for great discounts, it’s also a good day to get your Christmas shopping out of the way! Especially scuba accessories are often discounted today so keep your eyes open!

Also look at my list of suggestions for the best scuba diving gifts.


If you have found any other scuba diving Black Friday deals out there, post them in the comments below so everyone can take advantage of them!

If you need help or want personal consultation or recommendations, send me a message!

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Always dive with friends and happy bubbles. 😃



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