The best diving pickup lines for dating apps, cute dive guides, and anywhere else

By Julius
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Freediver couple kissing underwater

Looking for the best (scuba) diving pickup lines?

Admit it, if you are a diver, you have wanted to use a diving-related pickup line at some point in your life.

On dating apps, when talking to the cute dive instructor, or when meeting the dive buddy of your dreams…there are many opportunities to use them. 😉

Disclaimer: This is NOT dating advice!

“In the sea of life, you’re the treasure I’ve been diving for.”

“Are you a decompression stop? Because my heart needs some time to adjust every time I see you.”

“Is it the bends, or did you just take my breath away?”

“Are you a dive mask? Because every time I look into your eyes, things become clearer.”

“If kisses were bubbles, I’d send you a cascade of them every time we’re underwater.”

“I’d never ghost you, but I might ‘buoyancy’ you off your feet!”

“Are we at 130 feet? Because I’m definitely feeling the nitrogen narcosis around you.”

“Do you believe in love at first dive?”

Heart shaped opening between rocks

“I’ve dived some of the world’s best spots, but nothing compares to the adventure of getting to know you.”

“If you were a wreck dive, I’d explore every inch of you.”

“I’ve got an extra spot on my buddy list. Care to join?”

“I’ve got the tank and the regulator, but you’re the one supplying my oxygen.”

“How about we go for a dive and explore the depths of our connection?”

“Is it an underwater current or just the chemistry between us?”

“Are you a dive torch? Because you light up my world.”

Send nudis, please!

Nudibranch underwater

Are you a shark cause I wanna be your remora

You take my breath away

Hey, baby! Want to see my giant urchin?

Young attractive male seeks female dive buddy for shared recreation and friendship, must have boat. Please send a photo of the boat.

And the one pickup line that actually works:

Do you need a dive buddy?

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