Apeks XTX50 - Honest Review & Test 2024

By Julius
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Apeks XTX 50 review

Apeks is well known for its absolutely top-notch scuba regulators and the Apeks XTX50 is among the best of them.
It features a 360° rotating swivel and the option to add a 5th port.
If you are a sidemount diver this should be the very first scuba regulator you check out.

Apeks XTX50
Apeks XTX50 Review - Table of Contents
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Of course, we also read other opinions online but in the end, nothing beats real world experience. So we took the time for a thorough Apeks XTX50 test and review! Below you find everything you need to know, including features, specs and what we like, and don't like about it.

Our Rating

5 / 5.0

What We Like

  • Perfect for sidemount
  • Rotating swivel port
  • 5 ports
  • Absolutely indestructible
  • Coldwater certified
  • Perfect hose routing
  • Breathes flawlessly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Why is the turn knob not rubber like the XTX200 one?!?!

What could be improved

  1. Make the turn wheel knob rubber like on the XTX200

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First Impression

In a hurry and looking for the gist of things? Here is our review in short. Keep reading for the entire version.

The Apeks XTX series is the best scuba regulator series 2024 and the Apeks XTX50 is my favorite regulator out of the bunch.

It also happens to be my very own scuba regulator and it has served me well on more than 1,000 dives.

Coldwater, cave diving, dirt, scuba tanks, or being dropped out of a driving car, the Apeks XTX50 can do it all.

It is built on the same core as the Apeks XTX200 which I have also reviewed before.

The second stages are virtually identical besides minor cosmetic differences.

What makes the Apeks XTX50 different from the former is its rotating swivel on its first stage which allows for super flexible hose routing.

Not only that but you can also install an extra 5th port on the bottom that is super super handy for sidemount diving.

It’s no wonder that the Apeks XTX50 has become a favorite among sidemount divers around the world and not many scuba regulators can come even close to its performance.

The first stage on the Apeks XTX50 is called the DST (the XTX200 one is the so-called FSR).

So…if you want the rotating feature, get the DST.

I do wish they made the turn wheel knob on the XTX50 a rubber one like on the XTX200. Especially in the winter when your hands are cold after a dive this would come in really handy.

Who knows…maybe one day the product designers at Apeks come across my reviews and finally implement this.

Yes, there is the MTX series, as well as the Tungsten…but unless you are planning an ice diving expedition to Antarctica or prefer the design over the XTX200 I see no reason to upgrade.

If you want the best regulator for any diver, get the Apeks XTX200.


The Apeks XTX200 is one of the best scuba regulators ever made for beginners and experienced divers.

No matter what type of diving you do, the Apeks XTX200 will be your best friend.

If you have any other questions or need advice, leave us a comment below and get the conversation started.

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