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Welcome to the Social Diving Blog!

Thank you for checking out the first Social Diving blog post! From now on you get to read the best diving articles, scuba gear reviews, guides, travel reports and so much more on these pages!

Usually, Julius will be the one writing on here but that will surely change in the future! If you have a cool topic that you want to share with us or would like to contribute to the Social Diving blog with interesting posts and articles, send a message here or on social media!

If you have a request for a topic, leave a comment and we will put it on the extensive list! Make sure to share these posts with your friends, family, and dive buddies to make sure they can benefit from it, too.

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Since we love traveling, you might meet us somewhere in this world above or underwater. If that’s the case we are always happy to talk to you, dive together, or have a beer (after the diving is done)!

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Thanks again for checking out the Social Diving blog and don’t forget:

Dive with friends not strangers!

Julius Launhardt, April 2020

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