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Welcome to Social Diving V.2!

I started Social Diving in January 2018 as what I call version 1.0 now. The goal was to offer scuba diving for young people in and around Munich. Always aiming to provide great teaching quality, frequent fun diving, and relaxed diving trips as a community. For young people from young people.

2018 was a lot of trial and error, to be completely honest. After all, starting a diving business in a cold country like Germany isn’t really how most people would go about getting into the professional diving world.

From the beginning, I made sure every course and event at Social Diving was offered in German, English, and Spanish. Although it was meant to be a courtesy to some of the non-Germans around it quickly became clear that people in Munich had been missing an international dive center.

In March 2019, Social Diving V1.2 came to life. We put more focus on actively creating an international social scuba diving community in Munich. I am very grateful that many of them have joined the Social Diving Club!

We also opened up a new location with our Frankfurt Dive Center.

Now, in May 2020, amidst Corona (COVID19) everywhere, Social Diving 2.0 is coming to life. We noticed that staying at home is really tough as a scuba diver. To make diving more accessible to everyone, wherever and whenever, Social Diving will turn digital, and available for everyone online.

You can find all your diving needs in one place! 😃

Enjoy browsing all the diving content, reading our articles, taking online courses, and traveling with us!

We also have lots of reviews, guides, and more on our blog!

Dive with friends not strangers!

Julius Launhardt

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