Aqualung i100 Review 2023

Find out if the AquaLung i100 could be your next dive computer with this AquaLung i100 review

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Aqualung i100 review

The Aqualung i100 is the cheapest Aualung dive computer but comes absolutely packed with features.

Nitrox, logbook, gas switch and a lot more comes packed in an ultra affordable 1-button computer that competes with the best beginer ones out there.

Already know the Aqualung i100 is for you?

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"An affordable no-nonsense dive computer with extensive features for small budgets."

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

Reasons to buy

  • Very cheap
  • Underwater gas switch possible
  • Residual Nitrogen Reset
  • Nice logbook app
  • Nitrox capabilities
  • Uses Bühlmann-Z16

Reasons to avoid

  • 1-button only
  • Not in "wrist-watch" format
  • Display very dull
  • For less than 100$ more you can get the Aqualung i200 which is a fully-featured 4 button alternative

What could be improved

  1. better navigation
  2. longer standby mode

Where to buy

Aqualung i100
MSRP: €299

Our Aqualung i100 review

Below you find everything you need to know about the Aqualung i100, its features, specs and what we like, and don't like about it.

The Aqualung i100 is the ultra-budget entry dive computer made by Aqualung and is stripped down to the absolute minimum.

Like the budget offerings from Mares and Cressi, it features a one-button design that just works out of the box and gives you all that’s necessary to dive right in.

However, I like the Aqualung i100 way more than other contenders for several reasons.

First off, it just looks super nicer with its black or black and blue finish.

Secondly, it features one additional mode to the others which is Free Dive. This way, you can use your dive computer for freediving without having to buy a new model.

Last but not least, the Aqualung i100 allows you to switch gases (up to 2) underwater very easily for some entry-level decompression procedures.

Honestly, I would NOT recommend this dive computer to anyone wanting to get into the technical diving area anytime soon, but it is possible.

The Aqualung logbook app is really cool, too, and works like a charm between all your devices. This compensates for the only 24 dives which are stored in the device itself.

What I really like about any of the Aqualung computers is that they all use the Bühmann-Z16 algorithm instead of the RGBM.

This means you will be able to calculate your dives by hand or using the dive planner mode in your computer and know exactly what is going to happen at which depth.

Specs & Features

Depth Rating150m (492 ft)
Memory24 dives
BatteryUser Changeable (CR2450)
Operating ModesAir, Nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive
Oxygen Blend2 Gasses, up to 99% O2
Decompression AlgorithmBühlmann Z-16


The Aqualung i100 is clearly a dive computer for beginners that has a lot of features for an introductory offering.

Aqualung gets a lot of things right with this dive computer, however, it isn’t anything spectacular.

If you are on a budget, you get a lot of of bang for your buck, including Nitrox mode, gas switches and automatic altitude detection.

That’s cool, especially when you are going altitude diving with us in the Alps!

A big drawback is the dull and small display. There is no backlight and that makes it hard to read both underwater and at the surface. Moreover, the interface cable is outrageously expensive considering it’s a low low budget dive computer.

I cannot but feel that in the end, for just a little bit more you can get the Aqualung i200 as a full-featured 4-button dive computer.


In the super low budget dive computer market, there are multiple options to check out.

The Mares Puck Pro is a popular choice for beginners that’s very easy to use, has a comparable feature set but a so much better display!

Where to buy

Aqualung i100
MSRP: €299

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