Shearwater Teric Review 2023

See why the Shearwater Teric is a one-of-a-kind dive computer in this Shearwater Teric review.

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Shearwater Teric review

The Shearwater Teric is the top-of-the-line offering of the Shearwater dive computer line and rightfully so.

It's a powerhouse, can be used for any kind of diving and looks amazing.

Already know the Shearwater Teric is for you?

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"There is nothing the Shearwater Teric dive computer cannot do for you apart from dive on its own."

Social Diving Editor's Choice

Rating: 5 / 5.0

Reasons to buy

  • The best wristwatch-style dive computer
  • Super reliable
  • Super reputable maker
  • Any type of diving supported
  • Offers air-integration
  • Bright display
  • Many different dive modes
  • So many more...

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • No multi-sport capabilities
  • Could be too large for small wrists

What could be improved

  1. Make it a smartwatch
  2. offer a smaller version for smaller wrists

Where to buy

Our Shearwater Teric review

Below you find everything you need to know about the Shearwater Teric, its features, specs and what we like, and don't like about it.

Man, this thing is a beauty and a beast at the same time. A full-sized wrist-style dive computer with all the bells and whistles that the name Shearwater brings with it.

The Shearwater Teric is extremely well built, features a large display, multiple gas options, a stunning look, and it just works.

Shearwater is one of my go-to brands for dive computers and their entire line is top-notch.

Who this dive computer is for:

Professionals: Dive Professionals love the Teric for many reasons. It is simple to use, looks great, allows for any kind of recreational or technical diving, and comes in a handy size.

As instructors or dive guides, we need to set our decompression settings in a way to accommodate the majority of divers in our group.

The Teric uses a Bühlmann Z-16 algorithm which is not as “conservative” as others out there and may be used whether you do recreational or technical diving.

Technical Divers: Technical divers will appreciate the Shearwater Teric for most of the reasons instructors and Dive Leaders do.

The aforementioned Bühlmann Z-16 can be considered the gold standard in technical diving and is also my preferred choice of algorithm.

The options for gradient factors and other tweaks are extensive and leave nothing to be desired.

Recreational Divers: If you like diving and go on at least one or two dive trips per year, the Teric is an excellent choice.

Not only does it include anything you could ever want in a dive computer, but it also looks absolutely fantastic while doing so.

Yes, it is expensive, yes you can get great dive computers for much less.

However, if you are looking for a new watch anyway and like the solid, “masculine” look of the Teric, the price difference between buying a watch + computer and buying the Teric is not so great anymore.

It also comes in a variety of colors and even a special edition that looks really fancy.

All in all, the Shearwater Teric is the best dive computer of 2023 and way beyond.

Where to buy

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